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The enormous application of Biomimetic endogenous peptides (BEPs) in skincare

Antimicrobial proteins from bacteria are vital in host defense against pathogens. Our skin contains beneficial bacteria, and skin microflora, as they are known, are crucial in preventing undesirable pathological bacteria from developing. However, when their equilibrium is disturbed, such as by using skincare that strips the skin. When this happens, bad bacteria, such as those that cause acne, wrinkle, and aging, etc, are able to take hold. Conventional treatments for these infections use antibiotics or antibacterial agents that not only attack the bad bacteria, but also the good bacteria. This is where Biomimetic Endogenous Peptides (BEPs) can help, restoring the balance of the good bacteria so that the skin can regenerate itself.

Recent studies suggest that acne improved after patients were treated with a BEP cream. BEP cream reduces levels of acne-causing bacteria without harming the good bacteria. By maintaining healthy skin, BEPs can protect it against wrinkle and ageing. These proof-of-concept results are encouraging but there is a lack of commercial products in the market.

Products of beneficial bacterial commensals provide a powerful therapeutic strategy to inhibit the growth of those undesirable pathological bacteria on our skin. However, the enormous benefits of the resident bacteria on skincare have yet to be fully realized. We aim to develop a series of skincare products whose active components comprise of BEP products of those beneficial bacterial commensals of our skin. We examined the diversity of skin bacterial biota and successfully identified several bacterial BEP products, which possess therapeutic application. Subsequent in vitro and in vivo studies confirm those host-derived BEP antimicrobial proteins significantly reduce the survival of several important human bacterial pathogens. We are currently in the process of developing product samples, which will be available for small-scale testing in the first quarter of 2012. We hope in the coming years we can develop our concepts into a matured product series.

Bionefit has launched BEP encapsulated in a liposome vehicle that is designed to effectively inhibit the growth of propionbacterium acnes, the bacterium that promotes inflammatory acne. Endotinn, a cosmetic brand, is the first cosmetics brand in the world makes use of the BEP technology.


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