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Many people already know about DNA, genes and the human genome. The science driving personalized medicine includes pharmacogenetics, pharmacoproteomics and pharmacometabalomix. Personalized medicine uses a targeted drug that depends on the patient information identified by a companion diagnostic (genetic biomarker test). The companion diagnostic identifies which patients would likely benefit from a particular therapy or those who might suffer from a bad side effect. The test information enables doctors to select the drug therapy that would benefit the patient. Drug developers in clinical trials could use a companion diagnostic to select patents that would benefit from a targeted drug.

Personalized medicine has inspired a great deal of controversy since the successful mapping of the human genome in 2003 offered the first glimpse of a future that could include the diagnosis and treatment of individuals based on their genetic makeup. Detractors question whether the current health care system is too entrenched toward a “one cure fits all” mentally to embrace an individualized approach. Biotech evangelists, on the other hand, believe it will dramatically and inexorably change the health care landscape.

Bionefit Research has been providing our clients with personalized services in the past decade. Based on our patented BEP technology, skin care medicines that targets individual client’s skin conditions and needs have been provided. It has been a huge success. Now, Bionefit is looking at ways to provide this service to even more clients around the world.

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